If you have never felt the thrill of racing with your fireball on the same circuits on which the riders of the MotoGP and SBK and of the TCR Maybe the time has come to come with us to discover it . Experience the thrill of using a real RACING car in a TCR (Touring Car Championship) configuration that can offer you emotions greater than the most common SUPERCAR on the market thanks to cutting-edge construction technology and in total safety.

During our days or our weekends you will have the opportunity to share your passion and exchange opinions with the most experienced pilots, many of whom have competed both nationally and internationally.

You will have a hospitality service available throughout the day and which will offer you breakfast, lunch, and, at depending on the type of event, also the dinner , or the simple snack to fill up with energy.

As for motorcycle events, the same will arrive on the circuit with a highly professional transport and, during the days, will be entrusted to the care of a competent staff who will constantly take care of the check-up and will support you with the best tips to get the most appropriate setting for the circuit and your guide. The same happens for cars for which you will find the same available directly at the circuit.

All this – and much more – will be managed by a specialized structure in the sector, the Twister Racing Motorsport A.s.d .